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Frequently asked questions

1. Am I registered to vote in Laclede County?
  • Contact us by phone at (417) 532-5471 to find out if you are currently registered to vote in Laclede County.

2. Where do I vote?
3. Can I change my address over the phone?
  • No. Address changes can be filled out in the Laclede County Clerk's Office. Other locations to change your address is the Lebanon-Laclede County Library, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or Central Bank locations in Lebanon and Conway.

4. What is the last day I can request an absentee ballot be mailed to me?
  • Click here to learn more about absentee voting.

5. How can I request an absentee ballot be mailed to me?
  • Click here for an absentee ballot request form. Learn more about absentee voting in Laclede County.

6. Will we have to show our ID to be able to vote?

7. Will I have to vote for the political party I voted for last time? 
  • No. You are allowed to choose one of the political parties ballots for that election. 

8. What offices and issues will be on the ballot?
  • Several weeks prior to an election you will be able to access this information on the What's on the ballot page.